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Tesla's Superiority Compared to Other Car Companies (By Parik)

“The best way to predict your future is to create it,” states Abraham Lincoln. This famous quote by Abraham Lincoln can be applied to today’s advances in technology. In order to predict the future, one must invent it. Tesla is an electric car company that has proven this quote, as it has completely revolutionized the industry of electric cars. Tesla is the best car company in the world because of its eco-friendliness and its safety.

Tesla is the best electric car company in the world since all the cars in this line have autopilot. This helps the driver control the car, especially in high traffic areas or bad weather events. Autopilot is different from normal semi-automated systems because, ”Unlike other semi-automated systems, Autopilot has the potential to operate at all speeds on many different types of roads (...)But it could surpass its competition if the company's ambitions for Autopilot are realized,” (Insider). Autopilot is a better assistant for driving since it can assist you in the toughest of situations. This can possibly mean the difference between life and death if you are in a bad situation. Other car companies also have these safety features but Tesla has the ability to automatically do it in a split second without you having to react to the situation that you are in.

In addition, Tesla is one of the only car companies that have an app for their cars. This is different from hybrid-electric cars because,” Tesla's battery and powertrain systems are impressive from a big-engineering standpoint, but the company even gets the small stuff right. Its smartphone app is just about the only useful one offered by any automaker.” This helps overall with the efficiency of the car since you can essentially control the car through an app, and that can help you get the car ready if you are in a hurry. Other cars can do this too, but they have a key addition that they clip onto the car key itself, but if you forget that you could be in a bit of trouble, so it would be more convenient to have this on your phone since nobody forgets their phone :)

You should also consider buying a Tesla because it has stunning performance features. The Insider stated,” The fastest Tesla, a Model S, can outrun Ferraris and Lamborghinis in a sprint from 0 to 60 mph.” This can be a really appealing fact for car owners since they might really like the adrenaline of driving a really fast car, but make sure to keep the gas pedal in check!

Overall, you have seen why Tesla is a really good car, from it having autopilot to it being controlled through an app. So the next time you are looking for a car, consider looking at Tesla.

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