Super Juice (By Mishi)

“Thank you.” I said to Melissa, thanking her for the present that changed my life. For the first time ever, I could do things I never could. It had all started on my birthday…

Mom’s car was, as usual, parked in front of the school. Ms. Milly pushed my wheelchair out of the school doors to Mom’s car.

“Thank you,” Mom said to Ms. Milly as Mom started putting me in the car.

Mom buckled me up and soon we were on the driveway of our house.

“Hi. Mom,” I tapped on my communication board once we were in the house.

“Hi Dalia!! How was your day at school?” Mom questioned as she started checking my folder for any important papers.


“Cool. What do you want for dinner since it is your birthday?”

“Let's. Eat. First. Hungry. Talk. Later.”

Mom decided not to reply and led me to the kitchen. She got out apple sauce and started feeding me.

“Homework. Time.”