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Super Juice (By Mishi)

“Thank you.” I said to Melissa, thanking her for the present that changed my life. For the first time ever, I could do things I never could. It had all started on my birthday…

Mom’s car was, as usual, parked in front of the school. Ms. Milly pushed my wheelchair out of the school doors to Mom’s car.

“Thank you,” Mom said to Ms. Milly as Mom started putting me in the car.

Mom buckled me up and soon we were on the driveway of our house.

“Hi. Mom,” I tapped on my communication board once we were in the house.

“Hi Dalia!! How was your day at school?” Mom questioned as she started checking my folder for any important papers.


“Cool. What do you want for dinner since it is your birthday?”

“Let's. Eat. First. Hungry. Talk. Later.”

Mom decided not to reply and led me to the kitchen. She got out apple sauce and started feeding me.

“Homework. Time.”

“Honey, how about you take a little nap while I check if your present is here?”

“Ok. Mom,” I relaxed myself for a wonderful sleep.

After what seemed like five thousand hours, I woke up to the sound of Dad.

“Where is my lovely Dalia?” Dad asked as he walked into the kitchen where I was sitting on my wheelchair, still a little sleepy.

“Hi. Dad.”

“Hi Dalia,” Dad said. “Someone sent a present to you. It’s in the living room. After I take a shower, how about we go to your favorite restaurant for dinner?”

I just stared at him as he went to take a shower. After he came back downstairs, Dad pushed my wheelchair into the car. We drove to the restaurant and ate yummy food. I didn't really get to eat from the restaurant, but I got to have dessert.

After we came home, I started to drift to sleep but Mom and Dad didn’t let me.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY DALIA!!!” Mom and Dad shouted together, almost blasting my ears open with the loud noise.

“Stop. Loud. Present. Open. Please,” I taped quickly to words in my communication board.

“Okay, Okay” Mom quieted down.

The room was decorated. There were streams on the wall and a sign that read “HAPPY BIRTHDAY DALIA!!!”.

“While you were taking a nap, I decorated this room.” Mom’s grin slowly started appearing as she recalled my birthday present. She told me that she needed to check my present.

“Close your eyes,” Dad told me.

“Okay. Dad,” I replied, as I closed my eyes.

I heard rustling and the fridge opening. I am 95% sure that I also heard Mom saying, “Get the candles.” I just waited until finally Dad softly said that I could open my eyes.

“Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Dalia, Happy Birthday to you!!!” Mom and Dad quietly said after I opened my eyes.

In Mom’s hand was an icecream cake and in Dad’s hand was a computer with kids who have cerebral palsy.

“Thank you.”

“No problem.”

We (technically Mom and Dad) cut the cake that Mom had made at home. After eating the cake, we opened all the presents I got.

“Dalia, Melissa sent this gift for you,” Dad said after we were done opening all the presents.

In his hands was a small box with a beautiful wrapping.

“Open. The. Present,”

Dad quickly unwrapped it and pulled out a juice bottle.

“Why did Melissa give you a juice bottle for your birthday?” Mom said as she started throwing the bottle away.

“Stop. Want. To. Drink. Juice. Melissa. Friend. Mine. Don’t. Throw.”

Mom just frowned as she went into the kitchen to transform the juice into my cup. When she came back, she gave me the drink.

As soon as the juice went into my mouth, I started feeling sleepy.

“Sleepy. Want. To. Go Bed.”

Mom led me to bed and soon I was wandering in my own dreams. In the middle of the night, my stomach felt like something was bubbling in it. Then out of nowhere, I heard someone say, “GET UP DALIA. IF YOU TRY, YOU WILL BE ABLE TO DO IT!! TRY EMILY, TRY!!”

Slowly I felt my body change. Instead of being weak, I felt strong. I decided I will talk to Mom and Dad about this in the morning.

Next morning, when I woke up, I felt 100 more times stronger than what I felt at night. I sat up and saw Mom staring at me.

“H--H--How did this happen?” Mom’s eyes started filling up with tears.

Then I realized that I could move around.

“Isn’t it incredible? I can somehow talk and move,” I clapped my hands over my mouth as I took in the sound of my voice.

Mom started crying so loud that Dad bursted into the room.

“What happened? What happened?” Dad shouted as his gaze fell on me.

He just ran to me and started hugging me so hard.

“How did this happen?” Mom whispered.

I told them everything that had happened that night after I drank the juice.

“Okay, so Melissa knew that this would be a perfect gift for you. Instead of crying, let’s enjoy. Do you guys want to go to the waterpark?” Dad said.

“Sure,” Mom said.

“Sure,” I imitated Mom.

“First, Mom and Dad, I love you.”

“Us too.”

Soon, we were off to the waterpark. That day, we had a lot of fun, and we also ate pizza. I noticed that I run very fast, like a cheetah. I got to do everything I could imagine. I learned that I shouldn’t think that people who can’t do things will always have a bad future. They might have a good future, like me!