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Magical Button (By Mirav)

Once upon a time, there was a magic button in a house. The house had been empty for many years. One day, a new family moved into the house. A boy named Sam found the button while cleaning the attic.

“Wow,” Sam said, as he pressed the button.

The house started to fill with Kitkats. Everyone was surprised. Sam pressed the button again. The Kitkats disappeared.

Sam explained to his family what happened. After, Sam started heading to the attic but his mom stopped him.

“It’s dinner time right now. Also, remember tomorrow you have school” his mom said.

“I will check out the button tomorrow after school,” thought Sam. The next day after school, he went back to the attic and started examining the magic button.

Sam went to the button every single day. The more he went to the button, the more he learned about the magic of the button.

He learned that there is a computer next to the button. You can type in a food and when you press the button, the house would fill up with the food you typed in.

One day Sam’s mom got sick and she couldn’t cook food for them.

“Buy some food from any restaurant,” his mom said.

“We can get food from the magical button. We don’t need to spend money buying food” said Sam, as he headed towards the attic.

Once he was in the attic he typed in “pizza” on the computer and pressed the button. The house was filled with pizza. Sam and his dad got the amount of pizza they needed and pressed the button again, so the rest of the pizzas disappeared.

“Wow!” said Sam’s younger sister, Maddie.

The family had an amazing time. Even Sam’s mom had a fun time.

Later, Sam found out that a new button came every week since the family moved in. Sam's favorite button was so cool: it could fill the house with any toy. Everyone in the house said “we will live in this house forever.” This was amazing to Sam. Now, every Christmas he can get lots of toys from the button. This is the story of the magical button!

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