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Selena Diary (Kaitlin Zhang, 8 years old)

Hi! My name is Kaitlin and my Canadian friend named Selena is going to come live with me for three days!

- Kaitlin

P.S. I’m writing this in my diary.

Friday,June 24 2022

Today is the day!!!!!!!!!!!!! Selena is coming to live with me! Right now on the way to pick up Selena from the airport. And we're getting closer,and closer,and closer,and….. We’re here!!!!! Selena and her mom are wearing matching dresses. Once Selena gets in the seat next to me, I give her the fruit bar and cookie I packed for her. While we were on the car ride,Selena asked me a ton of questions. We went to Culvers and got sandwiches for lunch. When we got to my house,I gave Selena a tour around my house. Then we ate our sandwiches. Selena and I went to the basement and played Scratch,Arena. For dinner we went to Patio. Me and Selena both got chicken tenders and fries. Selena got Pepsi and I got lemonmade. After that we went to Downtown Naperville. Then we brushed our teeth and talked in my room. At 10:00p.m we went to bed and started our night talk. I slept in a sleeping bag and Selena slept in my bed. We talked about going to Six Flags. Then we fell asleep.

Saturday,June 25 2022

Today we’re going to Six Flags!!!!!!!!!!! Me and Selena woke up really early and went downstairs to make breakfast.

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