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Legos (Hayden Wang, 9 years old)

I love all my toys like my friends,

but sometimes I walk past these toys

to reach my LEGOS,

Which are like the kings.

When I play with LEGOS,

I feel joyful.

It’s like winning the lottery!

When I don’t play with LEGOS,

time is as slow as a turtle.

When I play with LEGOS,

time speeds up like a rabbit.

Creativity seems to be the key,

since I can build anything I please.

When I finish something big,

I put it on display like a museum,

And everybody that enters my rooms

can look at all my creations.

I see rainbows in the bricks, small blocks I easily grip.

But they cannot easily slip.

So many different configurations,

perfect for holiday celebrations

Circles, rectangles, cubes, squares,

All of which I love to build with.

When I come into my bedroom,

my LEGOS say “Please play with us! We’re lonely!”

and I play with them to satisfy them.

In the end, they all say “Thank you!”

LEGOS are literally lovely!

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