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Kooky (Kaitlin Zhang, 7 years old)

In the 2020 Olympics, Kooky was able to compete in figure skating. When it was Kooky’s turn to go in the ice rink, he started off a little unbalanced. When Kooky was gliding perfectly, Kooky almost fell.

When Kooky had one leg up, his nose almost touched the ice. Then, Kooky

slipped. Kooky jumped and landed on his knees sliding, he spun three times and landed perfectly. Kooky got the gold medal. Kooky couldn’t believe he got the gold medal. As an award, Kooky got an ice rink in his backyard. Kooky felt so embarrassed when he slipped but was so happy now that it was over and he got the gold medal.

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