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BTS Concert (By Prisha Satpathy, 11 years old)

My heart raced as I held the purple lightstick in my sweaty palms. The words ‘BTS’ are engraved in the shiny ball. The crowd around me roared chanting,


I chuckled. A bright light shone in front, the stage glowed and steam flew through the air. My heart pounded, am I really going to see them? Am I really going to see the famous group, BTS? My breath felt foggy, my heart raced, and sweat beaded down my forehead. I fell still. Suddenly, two familiar boys jumped out from the floor. Jungkook burst out, followed by Jimin and Taehyung. The makane line, the three youngest of the group! They held mics in their hands, their signature mics. Jungkook’s was purple from top to bottom. Jimin’s mic shone through the air, reflecting gold from every direction, Taehyung’s mic was not like any other, the flashy green filled the mic making his voice more beautiful than ever. I squinted at their manly beauty. Soon, Jin, RM, Suga, and J-Hope appeared like magic. Their mics followed in a pink, blue, black, and white array and shined like jewels. They started singing their song, Boy with Luv. The Korean crowd sang along, but I just stood there, waving the lightstick and smiling so much that eventually, my cheeks felt numb. I hummed along the words that I didn't understand, but loved dearly.

네 전부를 함께하고 싶어 Oh my my my, oh my my my

Looking for something right 이제 조금은 나 알겠어

then a moment, then a moment, love

(Ooh ah ooh ah ooh ah ooh ah ah) I have waited longer

(Ooh ah ooh ah ooh ah ooh ah ooh)

For a boy with, for a boy with love

널 알게 된 이후 ya 내 삶은 온통 너 ya

사소한 게 사소하지 않게 만들어버린 너라는 별

(Oh yeah) 하나부터 열까지 ay ay 모든 게 특별하지 ay

너의 관심사 걸음걸이 말투와

사소한 작은 습관들까지 (Hope world)

Tears rolled down my cheeks, BTS was like the entire universe for me, and I was finally seeing them! Finally, the person they collaborated with sang her verse,

I want something stronger

Then a moment, then a moment love

I have waited longer

For a boy with, for a boy with love

The crowd screamed, they sang, hummed, and danced along. They sang the final verse of the song

I want something stronger (I want it)

Then a moment, then a moment, love

Love is nothing stronger

a boy with love.

The crowd cheers, and this time, I did too. I clapped, I cheered, I danced. I don’t care how many people were staring. All I know is that I was happy, and that's what mattered.

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