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GenPen Community Code

At GenPen, we value a sense of community within our workshops and lessons. We ask that all students follow this set of guidelines, so we can ensure a safe environment for our lessons.

  1. Be respectful of your peers and instructors! 

  2. Do not discriminate based on race, age, sexuality, gender, or in any way, for this is very intolerable! 

  3. Ask questions when you need help. After all, they say, “One who asks a question is a fool for five minutes. One who does not ask is a fool for life” - Confucius (Edited by Lakshyaa and Kailani, we don’t like how Confucius uses “he” instead of “one”) :)

  4. Be on time! For the formal workshops with signups, be mindful of your attendance, and fill out absence forms if you cannot attend a meeting! 

  5. When speaking, do not interrupt others, as that will make your peers feel uncomfortable. To keep our lessons in an organized manner, please try to raise your hand!

  6. Don’t be afraid to share your ideas! 

  7. Come to our workshops with a mindset ready to write and wanting to achieve your goals! That means do your best, be open to new ideas, and collaborate when possible and comfortable.

  8. And lastly, have fun! We are trying to make this an enjoyable experience for everyone :)​

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