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This is where you'll sign up for our programs! Scroll down to see what we have to offer! We have both charges and free programs. 

Please let us know in the inquiry below the Home Page which programs interests you, and we may run another round of it! Programs that are currently running will show up on our social media, so stay posted!
Charged programs are usually summer camps, and as of now, our only charged program is the Poetry + Flash Fiction Summer Camp. It is more interactive for the students and gives them chances to collaborate with others, and we focus more on teaching the kids new content. Sessions are also longer. 
The free programs are usually weekly; all the other programs are free. Our free programs focus on allowing kids to improve their writing, and also learn elements that would help their improvement process.

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Our Impact

In a world dominated by fast-paced media, interest in reading and writing often takes a hit, especially with dull writing tasks. Our workshops aim to change that by making writing enjoyable and accessible to kids from all backgrounds. We're here to show that writing isn't just for English class—it's a skill everyone needs, whether you're a student, a doctor, or an aspiring author. Our goal is to spark a love for writing that goes beyond assignments, giving everyone the tools to communicate effectively and succeed in their endeavors.

Our Programs / Workshops

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