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Sign Up Here!

This is where you'll sign up for our programs! Scroll down to see what we have to offer! We have both charges and free programs. 

IMPORTANT: If a program that you are interested in currently appears not to have any new established sessions, please fill out the form nevertheless and you will be on the waiting list! This means that you'll be able to be in the workshop as soon as new sessions are established! 
Charged programs are usually summer camps, and as of now, our only charged program is the Poetry + Flash Fiction Summer Camp. It is more interactive for the students and gives them chances to collaborate with others, and we focus more on teaching the kids new content. Sessions are also longer. 
The free programs are usually weekly, and as of now Basics of Writing is our free program. This focuses more on allowing kids to improve their writing, and also learn elements that would help their improvement process.

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Our Writing Theme

As strangely as it is to begin a paragraph this way, we'd like to ask you, how do you think humans went from being wild cavemen to becoming a complicated society? One of the key parts of this change is communication and teamwork. Humans began with operating together and working together to create better ways of life. Then these traditions were passed down through time periods, as each generation worked on the unfinished projects of the deceased, and found inspiration in them. Writing is the most powerful form of communication and expression.

Student Absence Form

If you/your child is unable to attend a meeting, please click on the button below to fill out a form. 
This form must be filled out 24 hours prior to the meeting, and all absences must be approved by the parent/guardian.

- Charged Workshops -

Story Writing Workshop

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Has anyone told you that creative writing is only for talented people? We believe that this is absolutely false! In fact, we do not believe in talent; our success and endeavors come from effort, mindset, and grit. As long as you put your mind to it and put in the effort, you can become skilled at creative writing! Join us for a five-day Poetry and Flash Fiction Summer Camp at GenPen. Learn how to write organized poetry and descriptive flash fiction! Anyone between the ages 7-11 is welcome! This camp is $30 per child!

Poetry + Flash Fiction Summer Camp!

- Free Workshops -

Introducing our Story Writing Workshop!

In this workshop, we will teach our students different story-writing techniques. They will be given the freedom to choose their own genre of story writing and can ultimately post their writing on our blog!

We will meet every Wednesday, November 9th to December 7th, 7-8 pm!

There is a $40 fee per child for this program.

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Basics of Writing

Basics of Writing

Primarily running in the fall, Basics of Writing takes you through the three main forms of writing: persuasion, information, and entertainment. This workshop is suitable for kids ages 7-14, and kids will be sorted into groups corresponding to their ages! Fill out the following form to sign up, or add yourself to the waiting list if new sessions have not yet been established. 

Afternoon Light

Art of Sentences Workshop

Frozen Berries

Narrative/Memoir Writing Workshop

Creative Nonfiction Summer Camp

Days:  July 11-15
Time: 1-2:30 pm 
Where: Naperville Alive Center 

Library Bookshelves

Workshop Mondays


Zoom link is below!

Every Monday from 7-8 CST

Meeting ID: 648 079 6403

Passcode: writing

Workshop Mondays are simply a place for you to work on whatever you would like, open to ages 5-14! While we have fun weekly writing prompts, we also can help you with your school writing assignment. Due to the lack of participants, this was discontinued, but if you would like this to continue, please let us know via email, social media, or the form at the bottom of this page! 


At GenPen, we value communication and bonding.
If you don't have a question, start a conversation or introduce yourself! We'd love to learn more about you! We are not classy and formal, so feel free to be yourself.

Thanks for reaching out!

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