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Welcome to GenPen

A Naperville-based non-profit

We're here to spread the love of writing.

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Our Mission

GenPen is a student-run organization that strives to build children's confidence in their writing! We do this by helping our students improve their writing through free/low-charged writing programs, while also helping them find opportunities and motivation!

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Who Should Sign Up?

Primarily kids ages 7-14 who are struggling with writing, interested in improving their writing, and want to learn more about writing! Scroll down to take a peek at some of our current workshops and lessons!




Hours dedicated to helping kids and teens learn and improve their writing via workshops


Unique programs, workshops, and events tailored to different types of writing


Fully polished written works produced from workshops, programs, and events


Total attendees in our workshops, events, and programs


Feedback that we have received from our students, parents, and contributors. 

Aarushi Voleti, 11

(From our Creative Nonfiction Summer Camp)

"I really liked how the instructors were fun and easy to talk to."

Eleanor Kim

(Student at our Poetry and Flash Fiction Summer Camp)

"At first, I knew what a poem was, but I didn't really know how to write it. The instructors taught it to me and now I can do it easily."

Anaisha Choudhary

(From our Creative Nonfiction Summer Camp)

"Writing is something that helps me express myself, and I loved how the instructors helped me a lot!"

Athena Chen

(contributor to GenPen)

"Great service! The staff here are knowledgeable and spend a lot of quality time working with each student."

Aarush Thakkor

(From our Creative Nonfiction Summer Camp)

"This writing camp is a unique camp. The instructors here are great. You really enjoy this camp through its activities and wonderful instructors."

Anika Karath

(From our Creative Nonfiction Summer Camp)

"I really liked how the instructors were nice and fun to talk to. The camp wasn't rushed either, and I had plenty of time to brainstorm and write."

Preston Marris

(From our Creative Nonfiction Workshop)

"I really liked writing, as it was my favorite part of the camp. The instructors were nice, and I made new friends!"

Parent from our Basics of Writing program

"After the first session, I asked my kids how they feel. They told me they loved it and learned. I told my kids to learn from[the instructors], and one day, like you, contribute to our community. They learn not only the knowledge, but much more."

We do: Workshops

One of the primary things we do for kids and teens is workshops! Within our workshops, we make sure that the material is balanced with instruction, activities, and time for brainstorming and writing. The instruction is always concise and informational, to allow ample inventory and understanding on how to craft a specific type of piece. Our activities help with brainstorming and constructing each piece, and are also frequently collaborative; writing is not always a lonely journey. The time we allow for kids and teens to brainstorm and write is also very collaborative; all attendees are free to bounce their ideas off each other and our instructors. With these workshops, our goal is to allow kids and teens to have the space to harvest growth and interest in writing. 

We do: Writing Assistance

For anyone who may not have time to commit to a workshop, or needs one on one help, we have two main types of writing assistance!


A) Writing reviews: all you need to do is to send us your writing, and we will edit it and give you suggestions! It could be a school paper, competition writing, or any essay of sorts.

B) One on one tutoring! Tutoring isn't just for school subjects; tutoring for writing can be very helpful too!


Interested in Joining the Team?

We are looking for people who love writing, are patient when collaborating, and are flexible!

Positions with their descriptions are listed in the google form! 

If you find none of the positions suitable, but can think of your own unique ways to contribute, please chat with us via email! (

Past Events

Here are a couple (not all) of our past events! 


Creative Nonfiction Summer Camp 2022 - in partnership with the Alive Center


Interview about GenPen - for Nonprofit "Your Words Matter To Us"

IMG_2298 (1).PNG

Creative Writing Night - Fundraiser in partnership with LinkRaise

IMG_2779 (1).jpg

Storytelling Symposium - August 2023


At GenPen, we value communication and bonding.
If you don't have a question, start a conversation or introduce yourself! We'd love to learn more about you! We are not classy and formal, so feel free to be yourself.

Thanks for submitting!

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