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Welcome to GenPen

A Naperville-based non-profit

We're here to spread the love of writing.

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Our Mission

GenPen is a student-run organization that strives to build children's confidence in their writing! We do this by helping our students improve their writing through free/low-charged writing programs, while also helping them find opportunities and motivation!

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Who Should Sign Up?

Primarily kids ages 7-14 who are struggling with writing, interested in improving their writing, and want to learn more about writing! Scroll down to take a peek at some of our current workshops and lessons!




Online Workshop Sessions with Kids


 In-Person Workshop Sessions with Kids


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Total Attendees in Our Workshops

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Feedback that we have received from our students, parents, and contributors. 

Program and Workshop Descriptions

We give personal feedback for your work in all our programs and workshops.

Introducing our Story Writing Workshop!

In this workshop, we will teach our students different story-writing techniques. They will be given the freedom to choose their own genre of story writing and can ultimately post their writing on our blog!

We will meet every Wednesday, November 9th to December 7th, 7-8pm!

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Basics of Writing

This program is exactly what the title is. Students will be asked to write 3 pieces throughout the 6 weeks of the class, one hour per session. For the three week class, students will be asked to write three pieces that are much more shorter. Although students are mostly free to write whatever they prefer, to allow them to spark interest in writing, the broad subjects fall under persuasive, informative, and entertaining. More details about time and specificities will be on the Program page.

Art of Sentences

The sentence writing workshop is great for laying a strong foundation of writing for kids! Although many kids may be writing letters and stories already, it is important to reinforce basic sentence-writing knowledge. This workshop will contain instruction on parts of sentences, types of sentences, grammar, and many fun activities! It will be a great opportunity for kids to improve their writing abilities as a whole as well! 

Check out our "Workshops" page to learn more!

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Creative Nonfiction

Calling anyone ages 10-14 who needs help in writing, is interested in writing, or particularly interested in creative nonfiction! This is a creative nonfiction camp that's one week long, and you'll be walked through the process of writing creative nonfiction, while also reading exemplary pieces of creative nonfiction and writing your own.

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Narrative/Memoir Writing Workshop

This is a fun workshop which will teach narrative and memoir writing! We will teach students about the difference between narratives and memoirs, read good examples of them, and walk them through writing one. No matter what the student wishes to do in the future, narrating is an important skill to have, whether it is writing to a teacher, a story or article for school, or a college essay! 

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Poetry + Flash Fiction!

The Poetry program will introduce students to different types of poetry and flash fiction, and students will be able to analyze specific examples. They’ll be walked through many literary devices, and learn to construct them in their own pieces of poetry and flash fiction through the guidance of our instructors. By the end of this program, students will have a deepened understanding of short pieces of creative writing and its literary devices.

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Interested in Joining the Team?

We are looking for people who love writing, are patient when collaborating, and are flexible!

Positions with their descriptions are listed in the google form! 

If you find none of the positions suitable, but can think of your own unique ways to contribute, please chat with us via email! (


At GenPen, we value communication and bonding.
If you don't have a question, start a conversation or introduce yourself! We'd love to learn more about you! We are not classy and formal, so feel free to be yourself.

Thanks for submitting!

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